Thursday, May 3, 2007

Value creation. . .hmmmm

Creating value. How do I create value in the world around me? What is value is the first question. To me value is increasing the joy, happiness, well-being of people. People are the real value, and helping them, creates value.

Can you create value monetarily? Sure, that would definitely increase people's well-being. Can you create emotional value? Of course, that is the kind that I think of most often. I feel like this and spiritual value are my primary jobs in life. I create value for my children by teaching them and loving them which in turn creates value for me and for the world. Of course, they will all create value on their own, some of each kind of value. (I, of course, have not listed all the "kinds" of value that exist.)

Creating value for others always creates value for yourself. Helping my kids be well adjusted certainly makes me happier and more successful. Helping an elderly neighbor clean up their yard creates value for all the people who will be passing by. So if you try to create real value for yourself, aren't you creating value for others at the same time?

I'm wondering how I should and could be creating more value for the people I love, and for myself. Hmmmm.

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