Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back to real life

Do any of you have a hard time re-entering real life after a good book? I sure do. Do you want a more exciting/romantic/unusual/extraordinary/funny life than you really do? Do you regret the dishes, loathe the laundry and try to re-immerse yourself in the dream you wish was part your life, but not really? I'm sure you know just what I mean?

Anyway, that is my day today. Difficult.


PM said...

I also do that after watching romantic movies. I assume I should have more romance in my marriage! Kenny always has to tell me that real life is nothing like the movies. I wish some days could be!

wrightlaura said...

The day after I finish a book is always pretty terrible. Just like you, I want my life to be more and different, but at the same time just the same. I think there's comfort in routine. Plus I'm not daring enough to change, so books are an excellent outlet for me.
Thanks for the suggestion on new reading material. I can't wait until my next excursion to the library.