Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Winner Wednesday--Paige

Up until a few weeks ago, my sister Paige was writing a blog which featured "Winner Wednesday". She discovered she was pregnant quickly by the uncontrollable vomiting and sickness. She hasn't written since. She is the winner for Wednesday!

Paige is a sweetie. She has many beautiful characteristics and qualities. But the main consideration for being a winner this Wednesday is her willingness and determination to bring another beautiful baby into her family. She has one boy and one girl already. Both pregnancies landed her in the hospital several times. She has IVs up the yin yang to rehydrate her from all her vomiting (as well as a PICC line last pregnancy). She wakes up dry heaving and doesn't stop all day. She is often lucky to keep a few crackers and a drink of water down all day. She feels so guilty about the decrease in attention she has to give to her family, but she does her best.

I love you Paige. I have no idea how hard this is for you. I barely throw up when I have a bun in the oven. I just get a little hot around the collar. But I look up to you,Paige who so obviously puts your life on the line to bring a sweet spirit to the world. But what lucky kids who get to have you as a mommy!

PS Today I am NOT going to sleep until I have my little surprise ready to send you in the mail! (You know, your very late birthday present;-)

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wrightlaura said...

What an excellent choice for "Winner Wednesday"! Paige has been one of my heroes and best friends for the past 12 years. This is a fabulous tribute to the sacrifices she is making to bring more precious children into this world. She is definitely the winner of this Wednesday and all others!!