Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our last day in Oahu

On our last day in Oahu we spent our time in two places. First, a jungle trail and second, Pearl Harbor. You should definitely take some time to do both.

First the jungle trail. We turned off the H3 maybe, on a little road and stopped at a marked trail. We had been there before with Chelse. We decided to stop by again to take more pictures. And here they are.

"Brooke, swing on a vine!" "Okay dear, I trust you so much that I won't even think about the consequences before I grab one and jump." Well, I didn't think to swing back up the hill, so I let go and dropped! Ha ha. I survived.

Here is one small vine winding up an unsuspecting tree.

Fastforward a few years and voila! an amazing vanishing act by the tree.

Then we headed over to Pearl Harbor. We were too late to get a chance to see the Arizona (all trips sold out, get there really early) so we toured the Battleship Missiouri. It was the ship where Japan signed the surrender in WWII. It was used in WWII, Korea and last in Desert Storm. It was the last battleship ever used. It was so interesting to tour. We didn't take the 90 minute guided tour, which looked really awesome, but our self-guided one was cool too. Here are a few highlights.

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