Monday, June 4, 2007

Make-a-list Monday, Hawaii!

Things to look forward to in Hawaii, what else?
1. Getting up way too early to leave
2. Visiting friends in San Francisco on the way
3. The warm, moist air
4. No kids on a many-hour flight over the Pacific Ocean
5. Oahu, PCC, Pearl Harbor
6. Seeing Chelse, bomb diggity!
7. Shopping in Hawaii
8. Snorkeling in Hawaii
9. Laying on the beach in Hawaii
10. Shopping in Hawaii
11. Eating, sleeping, showering, driving, dreaming in Hawaii
12. Maui, snorkeling beaching, hiking, 7 Sacred Pools, Road to Hana, shave ice, good sea food.
13. Calling home to talk to the sweetest kids ever
14. Picking out something great for my sweet mother who is watching our kids.
15. Picking out sweet things for my sweet things (thing 1,2,3, and 4!)
16. Sleep, lots of it, whenever I'm tired
17. Eating whenever I want to
18. Leaving, walking, reading, any time I want to!

1 comment:

Julie M. said...

I'm so so jealous! :) I hope you have the best trip (and birthday!) ever! Take lots of pics!!