Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hawaii, day Elua (two for you mere English speakers)

Our first Sunday in Hawaii was lovely. We started out at church with Chelse. It was a nice student ward, full of young things. The highlight was Matt getting his picture taken for the New Era! They were there doing a story on young Elders Quorum presidents. What a racket! "Dear Pres, there are just so few young Elders Quorum Presidents in Utah. What should I do? I propose I hop on over to Hawaii where there is sure to be some. Plus, just think how multi-racial all the pictures will be." Anyway, look for Matt sometime next spring in the New Era. He'll be hard to pick out, nice and white, way to old to be at BYU-Hawaii and sitting right next to the EQ Pres!

The temple in Hawaii looks down toward the beach. The church was able to buy the lot across the street. The developed it into a lovely and short garden so as to preserve the view of the ocean. So we hoofed it down to see it and "Temple Beach". We ate PB&J and enjoyed the view.

Then we spent some time at the Hawaii Temple. It was more beautiful than most pictures I'd seen. It is one of those things it is just so much more fun to experience in person! Ha ha.

Then we did some driving around. We saw some point that I don't remember the name of. Come to think of it, it may just be called the point. Anyway, it was our first stop to see large waves pounding the jagged lava shoreline. Very pretty. Matt was overjoyed to find an arch. I realized that Arches National Park would be greatly improved with the addition of an ocean!

We finished off with a drive up the canyon and stopped at an overlook. The picture didn't turn out so well, but just to show you the lay of the land, I'll subject you to it.

And that ends our lovely day Elua on Oahu.


Lindsay said...

Your pictures are really lovely. Nice composition!

I was in the Ensign once, Matt. I hope you enjoy your moment of glory.

Julie M. said...

Gorgeous! I love the waves crashing one. And Matt, I look forward to seeing you! :)