Thursday, March 20, 2008

Patio joy

I just can't wait for some consistent warm beautiful spring weather. I'm likely to have a newborn baby and be asleep on the couch or my bed or where ever I can fall asleep when it occurs, but still.

In order to prepare, I've been scouring all the patio furniture stores from Provo to North Salt Lake, and it isn't pretty. Here are the stores I tried:
Home Depot
A spa place
An awning place
R C Willey
Sears online
Kmart online
Walmart online
Shopko online
Pottery Barn online
a bazillion other places online
Sam's Club
Home Goods
Leisure Living
and. . .
my local garden center, Highland Gardens.

Whew. Besides spending a fortune on gas, I feel like it has eaten up many days in the pursuit. But we did not look in vain. We have prevailed. And of all the places we looked, we found the best deal three blocks from our house!

It is cast aluminum, so it is very heavy and Cedar Hills-wind-resistant which makes Matt happy ("I can sleep when the wind blows").

It has a nice design and the red granite tiles are replaceable (so I would buy it).

And they hadn't marked up their prices to this year's prices yet (so we could afford it!).

Isn't it great when it all works out.


Shell said...

is that your patio set?!! It's beautiful!! I'm so jealous!!

Jenny and Al said...

Wowsers! I love it!

Lindsay said...

I'm jealous too. It is lovely. Of course, I don't have a nice patio to use it on. I'll just have to come over and admire yours.

Amy said...

That's really gorgeous. Invite us over for picnics and barbecues, K?

Alisa said...

I adore your furniture. How happy to have now that nicer weather is here!