Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Sunday walk

Sunday was so sunny and warmish, that we decided to take a walk. We love taking walks, family and couple, during the warm months of spring, summer and fall. It is definitely feeling more and more spring-like here.

Despite the never ending whining about forcing Scott to walk, not ride, and Andrew's very tired, no nap attitude, we had a nice time. We stopped at the park, dodged multiple deer droppings, and took a quick picture on this great tree. Some kids liked it better than others. Some were petrified (Rachel) and barely squeaked out a smile in time.

Definitely a bright spot of sun!


Shell said...

very cute pictures!

Mom C said...

I can visualize those pictures being framed in your house. They are soooo cute.

Shell said...

Your children are all very beautiful.

Kim Thomas said...

Adorable kids!