Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The first lawn-mow of the season

My shoes are green and my hands smell like gas. The air is full of the scent of freshly mowed grass! I love that smell. It means warmth and summer and total happiness.

Yesterday Matt changed the oil and put a new blade on our lawn mower. Our grass was getting pretty long and scraggly. So today after my girls were off learning great things, the boys and I mowed the lawn. It looks so nice; I just love it. For some reason I like to keep my yard clean and taken care of much more than the inside of my house. Perhaps that is because I have a 5 month break from it each year. I should try taking a 5 month break in sweeping and mopping. I bet I'd love to do it after that!

Here is a picture of Scott and Matt mowing the lawn last fall. Scott helped me mow today with his tough bubble lawn mower. Isn't he a cute little toughie?

Have a great day, and enjoy those green shoes.

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