Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Lamps for me!

I stopped into Home Depot for a new door knob. Our back door has been unusable for 2 days, a real bummer for kids, warm weather, cousins visiting and a swing set calling out to be swung!

While I was there, I found this set of lamps that usually sell for $80 and were on clearence for $40!

I've been looking for a swing arm floor lamp for the living room. But I really loved these and got 2 lamps for a fabulous price.

We set them up and basked in their warm and filtered light all night, or at least for the 10 minutes we had to ourselves before we fell into bed. Nice aren't they.

I have one on an old dresser from my husbands grandparents. It is wood and a nice shape. But mostly it is just a nice place for a little storage and a background for a nice still life-ish thing. I put the small lamp on it. But now I realize how much I need to fix it up.

1. Paint the dresser
2. Spray the mirror with silver paint instead of gold, turn it sideways and hang it higher
3. Gather a nice assortment of adorable things to make it look welcoming. Maybe I'll put my new Cymbidium orchid on it.

I've never owned an orchid before. I hope it isn't too hard. I guess I'll learn. This isn't my orchid. I still need a great pot for mine. Any suggestions?


PM said...
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Anonymous said...

Lucky!!! I went to Home Depot with my husband right after I read your blog, and guess what?....nothing. Good eye.
p.s. your orchids are beautiful.