Friday, April 27, 2007

Our Earth Day Walk

Yesterday we went on our Earth Day Walk. Earth day was Sunday you say. How environmentally aware you are! Well, our activity was scheduled for our Family Home Evening on Monday, however, it was too windy and cold for our walk. So we went yesterday.

We took a bunch of empty bags and headed to the park. We started there and walked along the walking path/stream to the elementary school. Dawn and Matt kept a running total of their "finds". Dawn won with 200 pieces of trash! Matt had around 180 when Dawn hit 200 and they both stopped counting. Rachel had a bunch too. But she opted to come with me and the stroller and so didn't count. PS With my sturdy new jogging stroller we even drove through the bottom of the stream bed for the part that was water-less. Awesome huh.

Scott took a little longer to warm up to the idea, but ended with a bag of his own. Plus he was happy to be able to go through the "tunnel" under the street. It was "so cool!"

There were plenty of people around watching us. But one sweet woman even thanked us for doing it. It was very thoughtful and gave me a little spot of sunlight. It is amazing that even when you are having fun and doing something good that you believe in an expression of gratitude really gives you a boost. So thanks whoever you are for being so kind.

We ended at home with a picture to commemorate our success. It was so fun. Now I challenge all of you to pick a spot of your own and have your own Earth Day Walk. Send me your results. What a spic and span world we'll have!


Lindsay said...

Here's another expression of gratitude for you---Thanks! I think that is awesome your family did that. Excellent lesson for the kids too. Was there really that much trash out there? Yikes.

Julie M. said...

You are amazing! What an awesome idea and great learning experience. You are fabulous!