Friday, April 13, 2007

My shade garden

In my back yard I have a beautiful big curved patio. It faces North. This year I am going to put a big flower bed along one side of it. I've been dreaming about it all winter. Now I have too many plans for it. I started out not knowing what shade plants would work. Now I am having to select just a few. Here is a list of some I'm considering.

-Red Japanese Maple
-Hostas (lots of them)
-Japanese Painted fern
-Lamium (ground cover)
-Forget me nots
-Lily of the Valley

What do you think? Do you have any shade garden plants that you love? I am also planning on putting a pretty bird bath in the bed. I found this cool solar powered one that would be fun.


PM said...

Sweet bird bath--I love hostas! Do a few for me because you love me dearly!

Alisa said...

Ah, Japanese maples are my favorite. I'm thinking of ripping up the juniper in my front yard and putting one in, but I think it might be too sunny.

I should get your advice on my yard. It needs it!