Thursday, April 26, 2007

A raging flood of. . .

Do you ever have crazy thoughts, thoughts that you know aren't normal for you? Maybe they are mean, or bad, or crazy or strange or just plain weird. They are disturbing. You think to yourself, why am I thinking this? Where did I get that idea? Do I really feel this way? Are there really demon rabbit-like goldfish crackers multiplying under my car seats? Does my baby really WANT to have a runny nose just so he can eat boogers? Would they taste good to me if I tried them? Just kidding, I've NEVER thought that last one.

But the thoughts get worse and worse. Do you know what I mean? You start to get emotional and upset. Then you get REALLY upset, and it's not just at other people. This usually happens at night when YOU, and I don't mean me, get crabby and start going totally a little bit crazy.

Then it hits you like a rock, a sudden-July thunderstorm, a tsunami. It's nothing but a roaring flood of hormones set out to ruin your night, your peace, your sanity and the well-being of all you hold dear!

Why must our bodies torment us so?

P.S. Today I am NOT going to mop my floor. Funny, because I almost never do! So I'm guaranteed to accomplish this one.

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Lindsay said...

Oh yes, that is so me! I find myself wondering "Why am I so mad? Why can't I enjoy my kids right now?" And the answer usually comes the next day. Yep, I am with you sister!