Monday, April 16, 2007

Tiptoeing through the tulips

Saturday we went to Thanksgiving Point, a beautiful local garden. It was the opening day of their Tulip Festival. We have a lovely time. The flowers were gorgeous.

I am quite addicted to the gardens there. We go at least once a week all season (April-October). Watching the flowers change is mesmerizing. At least it is for me.

My kids usually like it too, especially since we decided to bring some balls along. They roll them down paths and green grassy hills and try to keep them out of the flowers and koi pond.

The four on the left are mine, the 3 girls on the right are our cousins who recently realized that "This is the place" and are joining us behind the "Mormon curtain". Wahoo. Or shall I say bomb diggity!?

P.S. Today I am NOT going to clean my bathrooms. Sorry, you'll have to use dirty toilets and sinks if you visit today. But tomorrow is another day.


PM said...

What beautiful flowers, it looks like your weekend activity was a little bit more peaceful than mine was.

Lane said...
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Julie M. said...

Okay, so it was me accidentally signed in as Lane who left the deleted comment. Sorry.

LOVE those flowers Brooke! Looks like you had fun, and I'm so jealous that it's so close for you.

And GO BROOKE!! on cleaning those toilets! Woo hoo!

Alisa said...

Wow! Great photographic technique on the tulips. I wish I could have been there with you guys.