Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall Pilgrimage to Arches

UEA comes, and we go, to Arches. It is a perfect time of year to see the parched red rock land of southern Utah. We shared the weekend with Mike and Rochelle's family and had a blast. Here is the weekend (more or less) in pictures.

All ready

Our first hike, Negro Bill Canyon, just outside the National Park


Climbing scary cliffs in the Windows

Our little almost 2-year-old climber

The newly replaced flat, day 2

Entering the Fiery Furnace

Hugging the walls out of Surprise Arch

Our troopers at Kissing Turtles, stopped for lunch and a pee

Doesn't she look grown up?

Daring adventurers

Skull arch and another pee
Clarification - all the pee breaks were NOT for me, just the kids. Wanted to be clear.


Looking back as we make it out of the Furnace

Our personal fin at our campsite

We're so cool, we don't need the trail. We'll sneak up the back of Wall Arch and wave to the poor trail hikers.

Could this be the drop where the kids had to be lowered down the dad's legs off the ledge? The very one that didn't involve any mothers' opinions and caring-yet-slightly-dirty looks at husbands?


Julie M. said...

How fun! I'm so jealous! I'm glad you had good weather and I can't believe how big they are ALL getting!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm just an anonymous commenter--probably not even related to the dads on that hike, but I must say that it's a darn good thing the moms weren't there for the lowering-the-kids-off-the-cliff portion of the hike, because undoubtedly the moms would have vetoed that decision and the kids would have been deprived of a very special memory and bonding experience with their dads. Hugging dad's leg with all your might because of the fear of death and falling just causes a special father-child kind of moment that lasts a lifetime. Way to go, dads!

PM said...

Sounds very busy and very fun. I hope you all recovered okay. Dawn is looking so grown up these days. She doesn't even look like a little girl anymore, more like a beautiful young lady! You aren't old enough to have a young lady for a daughter!