Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I do love nativities

I found this new nativity today. The picture just doesn't do it justice. I didn't buy a new nativity last year (although I received a really cool one straight from Africa). But I may want to acquire this one. It is the Demdaco (of Willow Tree fame) Pure of Heart nativity.


PM said...

I like that a lot! I sure hope I get to get out my nativities this year!

Glenda said...

I really like this too. Where did you see it?

Alisa said...

I really love the holy family in this one. You always have such beautiful nativities. I'm more of a one-nativity girl (small house, fewer decorations), so for years I've been searching for the nativity that will work for me. I've been so picky--they never have enough shepherds! I thought that I'd be happy without any wise men, just as long as there were shepherds and animals.

Well, I finally found it, and I'll have to show it to you. It's an olive wood one (from Israel). It has wise men, but it has a couple of shepherds and lots of animals, so I'm happy. Also great, I got it on a going-out-of-business deal when Crossroads Mall was shutting down. :)