Friday, October 19, 2007

When a boy turns two

you clean him

wrap him up some presents

be glad that he finally has an acceptable substitute for his favorite cousin's lion

make him his own train book featuring him (you need a ninja dad for this)

covet his flexibility as he watches his new train come through the tunnel

honk with him

and finally tear him away amidst screams and protests to blow out candles on a cake he will scorn in favor of a bit of ice cream and returning to his train, all while you love him and cherish him and look forward to his next year.


PM said...

He is so dang cute! Looks like a fun birthday.

Julie M. said...

Ahh! He's a doll! I'm so glad he has a train. Every little boy should have one!

Glenda said...

Thanks for all of the pictures. I liked Arches and birthday!
I'm finally mailing part of Andrew's birthday tomorrow.
Love you!