Monday, October 29, 2007

Make a list Monday, Come on,dress up!

I really love the idea of dressing up for Halloween. But who would even see me? A few kids (okay a million and a half kids) who trick-or-treat at my house, that's about all. Add to that the fact that my husband really does not like the idea of dressing up, and usually I do nothing. But after some fancy sleuthing, this is a list of costumes that are pretty sweet with a couple of nerdy computer ones thrown in for my husband's sake.

Be warned, lots of bad puns ahead!
1. Hot air balloon - cut the bottom out of a round laundry basket, add a big helium balloon, add binoculars and fly
2. Web server - dress as a waiter and serve cobwebs
3. Chia pet - either cover yourself in duct tape and roll in the grass or cover some clothes with peat moss, get really fancy and paint your face orange and label yourself Chia
4. Chiquita banana - you know, Carmen Miranda, fruit hat, frilly skirt, gold hoops
5. Foosball player - add a broom stick through the shoulders of any soccer outfit
6. IRS - wear a suit and take 28% of every one's candy
7. Always a bridesmaid - that old dress you still have, messy hair, tear streaked makeup, ripped hose, old flowers you caught, way funny.
8. Taco belle - Southern belle or Belle from Beauty and the Beast with a sombrero
9. Tropical depression - Hawaiian shirt and a fake bottle of Prozac around your neck
10. Poison ivy - wear an IV bag labeled poison
11. Software pirate - pirate with belt made of cds or hung around neck
12. Driver talking on the cell phone - carry around a toy steering wheel or steering wheel cover, talk on your cell phone and bump into everyone.
13. Trophy wife - wear a cute outfit, big blond hair, huge fake diamond ring, and carry a trophy
14. Chicken cordon blue - wear a chicken mask or hat, all blue clothes and wrap a cord all around yourself
15. Diaper genie - good for new parents, use that old genie costume (you have one right?) and incorporate diapers somehow.
16. Runaway bride - wedding dress with running shoes
17. Not a happy camper - camping gear, sunburned, bug bit, torn clothes, snake wound around your leg, be creative!
18. Bobblehead - another twist for a sports costume, just bob your head around when people ask you what you are.

And a few costumes for couples:

19. Peace and quiet - one person dresses as a hippie and one as a mime
20. Men in black - black, of course, sunglasses and kids can be aliens if you want
21. Tooth fairy and man with lost tooth - good for us, I could be a fairy and Matt would only need to black out a tooth
22. Ball and chain - one is or carries a ball the other a chain.
23. Pumpkin pie - one is a pumpkin and the other wears a sing with the number pi (3.14...)
24. Burger King and Dairy Queen - you can get it
25. Napoleon and Deb - watch the movie for pointers
26. Blind leading the blind - dark glasses and canes
27. e-male and attachment - man wears a big E and girl wears paper clips all over
28. Pair of blue jeans - wear all blue with My name is Jean or Gene name tags
29. Whipped cream - one is a cow, the other carries a whip
30. Yin and yang - one wears black with a white dot, the other the reverse
31. Red neck and white trash - one paints neck red and the other a white bag of trash
32. Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich - see above, we wore it to a Halloween dance when I was 7 months pregnant with our first

Some ideas for pregnant folks like me (although I am regrettably not big enough to make any of these work)
33. Baker and bun in the oven
34. Hefty and glad bags - pregnant one wears a hefty bag and husband wears a glad bag (he's glad she's hefty right now)
35. Mummy to be - pregnant mummy

If you made it clear down here, you are to be praised or pitied. So here is a really creepy and slightly more classy idea.

Try one of the creepy ideas from Martha Stewart like this one


Julie M. said...

Those are hilarious! I'm going to have to print it and save it, in the event I ever do get asked to go to a party! :)

Luell said...

Boy am I impressed with the pumpkin carving. Those are amazing! Now for the Martha Stewart bugs. They are kind of creepy, but the shoes. I love the shoes!!!!