Monday, October 22, 2007

Mormon Tabernacle Choir tickets!

Today's the day. Go register for tickets. You won't be sorry (if you get picked), and I won't be sorry unless you take all the tickets and I don't get any :(
P.S. You have until November 11th to register.

And if you are feeling a little rebellious and have the Christmas itch, sneak some Christmas music in by watching a Tab Choir Christmas dvd or watch While You Were Sleeping or some other great not-really-Christmasy-but-has-Christmas-music movie! That's what we do until we officially begin all out Christmas music listening in November. (The first snowfall also warrants a quick bout of Christmas playing, maybe the second and third, too.)

Guest artists the King Singers


Lindsay said...

I just registered and I really hope I get to go because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the King Singers. I think they are fantastically amazing! Good luck to you and me!

PM said...

I registered for you and the rest of the family. I doubt we will make it, which is a big bummer, but hopefully I can help you all get tickets.