Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today I couldn't find my cell phone. Weird. I called Matt to see if he knew where it was. Nope. So I asked him to call it for me. He smiled and said "Or you could." Oh yeah! Called, found, and left. I am still assimilating all this new technology. If only I could call my keys.

Later I got a call from my sister-in-law. I am trying to help them sell a car since they moved to Michigan without it. She got a call today saying someone was towing it. Ahhh. I felt awful. I'd just parked it in a new spot and it was being towed! I felt awful. As I drove home, I saw it. Still parked right there. No boot, no ticket, no nothing. Why would someone torment me so? I'll tell you, it really put a damper on the shopping high I was getting at the mall. Plus, it's a good spot. In a few days they've had over 12 calls! Do YOU want to buy a lovely Honda Civic? Because I do, but instead I paved paradise, went to Hawaii and bought food and clothing for 4 kids.

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Julie M. said...

Oh Brooke! I'm so sorry about the car problems. I think we should just come and get it. I miss it so!

Speaking of missing things, I miss being so close to family. It really is hard. I'm SO, SO excited to see you guys!!