Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to the pumpkin patch
Try out the maze
Take a lap on the carts

Take a hay ride
and catch candy from Darth Vader (he's no stranger)
Don't forget to pick out a pumpkin

Make sure it is perfect

Smile when you do

Haul them back to the car

Come back for pig races, no pigs don't really race each other,
kids chase them ("Oh, I'm not so sure about that")
Celebrate if you can make it through without touching one pig
Pressure big sister into trying it too. ("I have to straddle it and holler?! The six-year-olds just had to touch it for 5 seconds.")
Take a ride on the animal train
Okay take two. It's that fun!

It's late and getting cold. Go get some quick dinner at Fazoli's. Run along home, bathe, and jump into bed. Dream about Jack-o-lanterns and pumkin carving parties and candy! Ya'll come back next year, ya hear!


Lindsay said...

I love pumpkin patches. Good times for all. We went to Hee Haws last year but I have to say that Cornbelly's this year was far better.

PM said...

Looks like lots of fun. I don't think we have anything quite like that here.

Julie M. said...

I wish we had one that was that cool! Looks like a good time, I love all your pictures!