Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Tuesday list, Old things

As I sit here, my beautiful newly inheritted mantle clock is dinging out the hour. Doesn't it sound great? I love it. So here is a mostly comprehensive look at all the old (or oldish) things that I have.

1. The mantle clock from my Grandma and Grandpa Matthews.

2. The dress I was blessed in, my Mom was blessed in, and my Grandma made.

3. Matt's Derrick grandparents bed

4. Matt's Derrick grandparents dresser

5. Matt's mother's book about their ancestor, Heber C. Kimball

6. My Grandma Nina's charm bracelet

7. Cross stitch from Matt's birth

8. Framed card from my birth that always hung in my bedroom

9. My Aunt Shauna's dress made by my Grandma Matthews

10. My Aunt Shauna's Miss Bear Lake dress that my Grandma Matthews made

11. A McCoy vase, broken in back, from my Matthews Grandparents

12. My baby mobile (technically bought for my brother Shay) that I think is adorable, which I'm considering hiding or giving to him when he has his first child. Don't hurt me Mom. I could have kept it hidden, and you did give it to me. Love you, kiss kiss.

13. Actual letter from Heber C. Kimball to his first wife Vilate. This is the most valuable old thing I have in my home, and it's not even close to being mine. It's my mother-in-law's or her sisters or someones. There are four of them.

14. My Mom's pearl ring from ???

15. My Father-in-law's toy rocker from the early 50s

16. A valuable vintage television. Just check out those channel flippers.

17. The desk from my youth plus a million and one coats of paint. Not too old, but surely sentimental.

18. A pioneer skirt that I'm sure went across the plains after my Grandma Matthews made it in the mid to late 20th Century

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